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InFusion Design Center
1210 Touch Screen
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  InFusion Media 2 is ingenious new software that combines touchscreen control of a Vantage InFusion automation system with control of Windows MediaCenter and ITunes. InFusion Media 2 allows integrated control of both systems via a Vantage Web-tablet. View and Control your Security Cameras, Control your Audio & Video Systems, Security System, Window Treatments, Lighting, Heating, Pictures, Get updated Weather reports for one or many areas, and control any controlable electrical device. We look forward to working with you!
Wizard-based Programming
Picture directories and slideshows on the Touchpoint 700. See any pictures from any computer on your touch screen. S  
Pictures and Slideshows

The Vantage TouchPoint tablet can now view all of the images from the My Pictures directory of the media server in a consistent interface similar to the music application. When a thumbnail image is clicked the user can step through each of the images in full screen view with an elegant fade transition. YOUR Vantage Touch-Screen will find all your music and pictures for your listening or viewing. All we have to do is tell the system the I.P. address of the your music server or computer.
  Wizard-based Programming
  Current conditions and five day forecast for 2 user defined locations
One Click Weather

Weather for any location in the world can be shown on the Vantage TouchPoint in either a current conditions or an extended five-day forecast. An unlimited number of weather components each with different locations can be included in the Touch Screen with InFusion Media interface.
Wizard-based Programming  
News website embedded in the InFusion Media interface.  
Embedded Web Window

The WebWindow component allows the user to embed a web browser within the InFusion Media interface creating a uniform appearance without the need for a popup browser. The WebWindow component also allows the embedding of online flash games and third party interfaces such as iMerge or Request Audio.
  Wizard-based Programming
  An IP based camera with tilt/pan and zoom controls
Cameras and Webcams

IP based cameras and internet webcameras can be added to the InFusion Media interface simply and easily. Tilt/Pan and zoom enabled cameras can be controlled within the interface. Your Touch Screen will show you all views that keep you feeling SAFE.
Vantage System Control

Control of the entire vantage system or individual rooms and loads can be included in the exported InFusion Media Interface. In this Touch-screen start page to the right if you were to touch one of the faces in the picture, the screen would change to their room. Were you be able to control, the lighting, AV system, the Heating and much more.


Sample Home Page. Press arrow on top of page to change picture for different look.
  Wizard-based Programming
  Music interface on the TouchPoint 700
Music Control

Music on the TouchPoint can be controlled from an intuitive and attractive interface. Quickly queue single songs or entire albums. Music can be browsed by album, artist, playlist, genre or by song. New in version 2.4, easily save your playlists for later from within InFusion Media 2.4.
TouchPoint Designer  
Microsoft MediaCenter & ITunes Control

InFusion Media 2 provides the first practical integration of Windows MediaCenter and I Tunes into a full-featured automation system. InFusion Media 2 treats a MediaCenter PC, or any other PC with Windows Media Player 10, as a media source to the Vantage system. Instant feedback, playlist support, song queueing, Bi-directional control. It's all possible with a Vantage Touch Screen