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Select the features you would like in your automated home via button, LCD screen, remote, under carpet mat, sensor, key remote, motion detector by phone or the Internet. Option Examples, but not limited to:
Secure your home... lights, doors, windows, temperature, etc. with the touch of a bedside button, remote or touch screen?
Preset landscape lighting... automatically set landscape and exterior lights to preset levels at dusk and turn them off again at sunrise? Control your sprinklers while saving water.
Begin a movie... with the touch of a single movie icon turn on your receiver, DVD player, big screen, close the drapes and dim the lights to a preset scene. Hear your Ipod or computer music in any room.

Set vacation mode... press a button to replay your homes lighting patterns from the past few weeks, creating a lived in look while you are away? At the same time turn off your water heater.

Start party... simply press a button to distribute music, set lights and water features, and lockout and secure the private parts of your home? Have lights change slow from day to night.

Shut blinds... automatically adjust the blinds at different times of day to protect carpets, furniture and art. Or do it at the touch of a button or a phone call.

Create pathway... step out of bed in the middle of the night and activate a low level light path to the bathroom?

Light stairs... start up the stairs and have stairway lights illuminate and turn off automatically as you pass?

Panic... press a button on any keypad in the home to turn on, or flash, any or all lights in an emergency? Push the  button again to return to normal.

Leave home...close the garage door as you leave for the morning and automatically dim lights and set back your homes temperature and turn off the water heater, that will go back on just before you return?

Shower or bath... automatically heat the bathroom, start the shower, or fill the bath, turn on the lights and fans with the touch of a single button?

Check home... securely access your home from the Internet to check or change the status of lights, temperature or other devices?

LCD whole house control....on your LCD screen with a floor plan of your home on it. Control, lights, heat, timers, landscape, sound system, pool or hot tub and security system.

Safety..... all lights go on if a smoke detector goes off. Exterior lights flash if alarm is triggered to alarm nabors and police are called. See cameras on touch screen.

Remodel..... Change the way your existing lighting is switched or add lighting without opening up the walls. With Radiolink wireless dimmers it's easy. Imagine changing the normal switches at each exit door to a Radiolink dimmer. Now you can turn on all the exterior door lighting from any location in your home and still turn on each light at its door.



Touchscreen - A visual whole house control (Types)1210 & 700


Control your Security Alarm system through a touch screen

Motion Detectors

Control your Sprinkler System

On with Dry Contact Gate Door etc.

Control your Sound System

View Exterior Cameras

Control your Lighting

IPOD, IPHONE or other Media Device

Control your Heating & A/C

Telephone Control of System

Control your TV-Video System

Door Chime to System

Control your Serveillance system

Most Controllable Electrical Devices Explain

Control your Drapes, Window Treatments & Blinds

Key Remote or Remote Control
Control when your Water Heater is on to save energy. Garage Remote