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Home Owners ... A Vantage or Lutron Control System will provide the next level of personal control of your home environment. Improve your quality of life with the simple elegance of a lighting control system. Creative Lighting Control can recommend a solution to provide style, elegance, simplicity, security and convenience at your fingertips. Consider a home automation solution for your new or existing home to automate lighting, climate control, audio & video, window treatments, security and landscape.

Settings can be selected by a keypad, touch screen or remotely, by phone or internet, or triggered automatically by scheduling, sensors that detect motion, temperature, light, or the opening of a door. Lighting scenes can be set to precise levels for any mood task or activity. Scenes can be set to highlight a prized piece of art, accentuate an architectural detail, or create that special mood.

A Vantage System can be installed in a new or existing home. Imangine remodeling your home, changing your lighting and not ripping up the walls as you would with normal switching / dimming. With a Vantage Radiolink System changes are made without rewiring an existing residence. Call us for the details.
We will create a system that is simple for you and your family to use and and at the same time making the process easy. All the bells and whistles won’t mean a thing if your system isn’t easy to operate.

Utilizing Creative Lighting Control , as your system supplier and designer… Did you know?

  • With 30+ years in the electrical industry, being a former electrical contractor we know how to lay out a project so the installation is easy for your electrical contractor…. We can set up a contractor for you, if you wish.  Vantage Controls do more than all the competitors.
  • Vantage Components cost less
  • Vantage Controls cost less and are easier to wire for your electrican thus lower installation costs.
  • Vantage Controls is a more inclusive system, including keypads, touch screens, temperature controls, drape controls and much, much more….
    ** Did you know if your going to remodel, and add lighting, but want to have the minimum opening up of the
    ** walls you can do it with Radiolink Wireless Dimmers. In most cases you can add lighting without opening a wall ** at all.
  • Call for a quote on your system today.

What we will do for you:

  • We'll work with you to create a keypad design (button layout for your review) that will be simple to use.
  • Provide all programming services
  • Provide your electrican with all documentation needed to install the system with ease.
  • Manage the installation and verify all sytem wiring before sheet rock installation.
  • Provide system warrentee service (5 years)
  • Provide you with any other project Lighting or Electrical design your project my need or work with your designer.
  • Complimentary demonstration consultation with a full portable system Demonstration at your office or home.

    Goal - To provide our Clients with a system that the Kids or the Grandmother can use with ease.   Gaining the comfort they deserve, doing this as simply as possible.  With 30+ years in the field I will make your installation easy, cost effective and comfortable for you. 
    I look forward to working with you.

    Roger A. Rector (Principal-Systems Designer)